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Name Martin Snape 
Nickname Snapper
Age 57
Likes Dogs, Speedway, Rugby League, MX
Dislikes Posers, Sunglasses, Supercross, Sticking Throttles, Cats
Achievments Ray Edwards Memorial, North England Championship, Rode IMBA 76-83, 2nd AMCA Championship 1990 (just losing with 1 point), 4th AMCA Championship 79, RDH Over 50 Championship 09-10 winner, Hall of Fame Winner 2011
Favourite food English
Best track Hatherton Hall, Cuerdon Park, Hawkstone, Doddington Park
Favourite Bike/Bikes 79 Maico 440, 76 Maico 440, S1
Worst Bike No Such Thing
Blonde/Brunette Brunette
Favourite MX Rider Hieki Mikola
Thorpe or Noyce Noyce
Favourite MX Rider Hieki Mikola
Favourite Terrain  Natural Hillside
Roll offs/Tear offs  Roll Offs
Caravan/Motor home  Never owned a Motorhome so a Caravan 
First MX bike owned  Villiers 8E Sun Frame
Worst Injury Broken right leg Tib & Fib

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