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Name Chris Anderton
Nickname Big Chris
Age 38
Likes Racing MX, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rugby, Football, Riding Mountain Bike
Dislikes Going to workon Monday Morning after racing at the weekend
Achievments RDH Clubman Championship 09 Winner, Toughsheet 2011 3rd Inter
Favourite food Indian or Chinese
Best track Hawkstone Park
Favourite Bike/Bikes Maico S1, RMZ450
Worst Bike Don't Have one
Blonde/Brunette Blonde
Favourite MX Rider Stefan Everts
Thorpe or Noyce Thorpe
Favourite MX Rider Hieki Mikola
Favourite Terrain  Sand
Roll offs/Tear offs  Roll Offs
Caravan/Motor home  Motorhome
First MX bike owned  KX125
Worst Injury Tore arm open and bicep came out, 48 staples lost 25% of bicep Very Big Scar

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